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We had the most wonderful time at Valencia
We enjoyed the food, the hotel, the entertainment, the speakers, the davening & the wide range of guests.
It really was a lovely program. I think most of all, your attention to detail. 
We felt very looked after & it was really a pleasure to be there from start to finish.

Just as you promised - No humidity - Thank you!
Lots of sun & warm weather. A perfect change from home.
Detroit, MI

Thanks for the nut-free desserts!
Dallas, TX

You were right - all those great walking opportunities
Palo Alto, CA

Your entertainment was awesome!
Toronto, Canada

Our family has so many allergies that we thought we could never go on a Pesach Program.
You worked hard to make sure we had food we could eat.
Agoura, CA

Our kids have never gone to the day camp when we went to other programs.
They couldn't wait to get out of their room in the morning so they could go to the day camp
Boston, MA.

The 14 hour trip was worth it!
This is the only program we've ever been on that had so many healthy food choices.

The teen program was awesome this year!
Lawrence, NY

You were always there!
Vancouver, CANADA

You saved us food for dinner when we came back almost 4 hours after dinner was over.
No one has ever done that for us!
Chicago, IL

Our teens have never been so happy on a Passover Program before!
They loved the game room & the activities.
Minneapolis, MN

Your speakers were fabulous!
Woodmere, NY

Our kids liked the day camp so much they didn't want to go out during Chol Hamoed.
That's never happened before.
Valley Village, CA

We liked the hotel. It's location was perfect for us.
So many walking opportunities & so much to do in Valencia.

We had excellent accommodations, abundant & delectable food & interesting nearby attractions.
We also were extremely pleased and impressed by the heimesh quality
of the religious services, the stirring & instructional lectures
& the cultured, modern orthodox & non-ostentatious manners of the other participants.
The fact that we had a chance to meet people from all across the country was another plus. 
Riverdale, NY

We had a wonderful Pesach! 
The food was good and plentiful, people friendly, service designed to please.
Austin, TX

Passover at the Hyatt Regency Valencia was fabulous! 
If I had to think of one thing to change, I wouldn’t know what it would be. 
My family and I are hoping to return again in the future.
Edmonton, CANADA

We had a great time! 
You know your crowd and your hospitality was superb. 
The Hotel was nice and the rooms were comfortable.
The food was good and tasty and there was a lot of it.
Los Angeles, CA

We want to thank you for a very successful and meaningful Pesach.
This was the best we've had in our 6 years of " Hoteling it.
The entire staff (including you!) were great!  
The crowd was really nice &
of course the food (especially the desserts) were outstanding!
Baltimore, MD

The staff was very pleasant & helpful. 
The Rabbis were very knowledgeable & gave interesting talks.
Phoenix, AZ

We had a wonderful time over Pesach.
You did an excellent job in every respect.
  We enjoyed the wonderfully prepared and very tasty meals.
The entire atmosphere was warm and friendly.
You gave it your ALL!!!
Los Angeles, CA

We had a great time & would recommend your program to anyone!
Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks so much for running such a wonderful program!
Your personal hands on, caring & responsiveness made it all the more enjoyable.
Overland Park, KS

Our family had a fabulous time! 
The girls (13 & 11) made lots of friends & had enough activities to keep them busy all day.
The boys (21 & 24) were self-starters & loved playing basketball
Houston, TX

We had an amazing Pesach this year! 
We enjoyed every day from morning to night…And the day camp was awesome.
Los Angeles, CA

We’ve had problems on other programs with our dietary restrictions.
  You’re the best at this!
Teaneck, NJ

Your attention to detail was phenomenal!
Denver, CO

The food was fantastic…the dairy buffets were wonderful…we're coming back!
Ra'nana, ISRAEL

 I don't have a single complaint as you will probably find is the case with almost all your guests.
.Even the hotel staff was great! 
Thank you for a very special and lovely Pesach experience.
Encino, CA 

You were wonderful hosts & you were always around to answer any questions we had.
We met people from all over the world because you only had 300 guests instead of 1,000.

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