Seders are events of quintessential elegance set to every detail.
We provide you with all Seder accoutrements.

You select the type of Seder that is right for you.

You may also select one type of Seder for the 1st night
& a different type of Seder for the 2nd night

Led by our Rabbi & Chazan

Led by a family member at your family Seder table in our Semi-Private Seder Room.

 Tables are spaced far enough apart to give you privacy
& to hear your kids & the grandchildren say the Ma Nishtana.


Led by a family member in a meeting room or your suite that is exclusively yours for the Seders.
 There is a fee for Private Seders & it's payable with the deposit.


If reservation & payment are made no later than 10 days before the 1st Seder

If reservation & payment are made closer than 10 days before the 1st Seder



Va'ad HaRabonim Of San Diego
Rabbi J.Wohlgerlernter  

On-site Rav HaMachshir with a team of experienced Mashgichim

Glatt Kosher-Chassidishe Shechita Cholov Yisroel

Eruv For Shabbas

Shabbas & Yom Tov Elevator

Personal Service To Open Your Room Door



We maintain a synagogue with a proper Mechitza, separate seating for men & women.
It is more than the required height but not floor to ceiling & the women can see the bima where the Torah is read.

Services are held 3 times a day throughout Passover.

A Passover Artscroll Machzor is available for the use of every guest.

The synagogue is stocked with a scholarly selection of Seforim.

Rabbi Mel Teitelbaum will do the Siyum Bechorim for the first born men
which will be held at 8:00 am in our synagogue
the morning the Passover Program begins except in the years when the 1st Seder is on Saturday night.



In addition to Daf Yomi, we have speaker sessions on Shabbas & Yom Tov

Our speakers are an eclectic mix.

We always have a Rabbi who speaks on a variety of topics.

Our past speakers include have included
have included Psychologists Genealogists, Jewish Historians,
Diplomats, Political Analysts, Attorneys, Authors & Art Historians.


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