You are making an Agreement with us to book a Passover hotel stay.  This Agreement is deemed made in the State of California and shall be controlled in substance and procedure by California Law. Should it become necessary for us to take court action to collect from you any unpaid monies, or if any other dispute arises from this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that the court action shall take place in the court district of the Central District of the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles and shall be controlled, in substance and procedure, by California law. 


We arrange your hotel stay, kosher food during your stay and provide event management services. We neither own nor operate any airline, travel agency or hotel. In response to your inquiry we may sometimes offer you advice on obtaining special fares. But this is only advice and does not make us responsible in any way for anything that may happen with regard to any travel arrangements you make to reach or depart from your hotel. We are  also not responsible for any promises or commitments made to you by anyone else, unless we confirm it in writing. Description of hotel facilities and/or amenities and any modifications thereof prior to or during the scheduled event are the sole province of the hotel and beyond any control and responsibility we may have. You agree that we shall not be liable for any shortcomings, failures in service or other negligence of any hotel should that remotely or possibly occur. Neither the hotel nor anyone else can guarantee in advance, with 100% certainty, room assignments. Every effort is made to assure the room assignment you requested . But the variables involved include factors totally beyond the hotel's control and even more so beyond anyone else’s control. Under any circumstances, our liability shall be no greater than the amount you pay for your booking this Passover hotel stay.


Your reservations is made when we receive your deposit in the amount  listed on the Registration Form or the quote you receive. After making your reservation you  will receive a Confirmation which will tell you when your final payment is due. The reservation sum is non-refundable unless otherwise indicated on your Confirmation. Payment in full must be received no later than 45 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, full payment received less than 45 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival will be subject to a surcharge for additional costs and risks incurred in processing late reservations. Please reserve early and remit payment when due to avoid this surcharge. Send us your payment by check, money order or bank transfer. Regrettably, we cannot accept credit cards. Credit Card companies are unable to accommodate the terms and risks of Passover events.


Send your cancellation notice to our office. It is effective on the date we receive it. Please be sure to retain proof of mailing or emailing your cancellation notice. Mail the cancellation notice to our office by an overnight courier service or by certified mail with return receipt requested. Mail it to: Passover Resorts, 7162 Beverly Boulevard, PMB 123, Los Angeles, CA 90036 or email it to us at passover@passoverresorts.com and retain our acknowledgment of receipt of your cancellation request. If you cancel up to 60 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival, you will receive full refund less the reservation deposit. If you cancel 59-45 days prior to your schedule date of arrival, you will receive a refund of 50% of the price of your scheduled stay less the reservation deposit; 44-30 days, a refund of 25% less the reservation deposit; 30 days or less, no refund. You are strongly urged to purchase travel insurance. We strictly adhere to the cancellation schedule and make no exceptions whatsoever, for any reason at all. Please understand that the cancellation schedule and fees are neither arbitrary nor intended to be punitive. They are based on transactional necessities and on an evaluation of costs we incur and lost economic opportunities.